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Training Seminar Details

WHO: This two day seminar is for any Chi Alpha staff needing help to strengthen their fund raising skills; people heading into a Campus Missionary In Training (CMIT) experience with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries; people preparing for a “Give a Year” experience as a Campus Missionary Associate (CMA); students raising funds for spring break and/or summer mission efforts; missionaries outside of Chi Alpha who have not raised their budget yet, or for anyone who has never received training in raising funds for mission service.  This training will give you the tools and confidence you need to see more results from your efforts.

A Biblical Approach to Successful Ministry Partner Development

WHAT: Gain a Biblical perspective on building a team of prayer and financial partners. Learn how to connect with and mobilize the partners needed to accomplish the mission you are passionate about. The Northeast Support Raising Training (SRT) is designed to help you get ready to raise your missionary budget.

WHEN: Friday, April 5, 2024 through Saturday, April 6, 2024. The Friday sessions start at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) and end at 10:00pm EST. The Saturday sessions start at 9:00am and conclude at 10:00pm. 

WHERE: University Baptist Church, 1223 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903...which is across the street from the University of Virginia (UVA). We will use their basement meeting hall for the SRT.

​COST of the SRT: $88.00 per person. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.​​​

MEALS: There are plenty of food options within walking distance of University Baptist Church on Main Street. You are responsible for lunch and dinner on Friday, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday. Breakfast on Saturday (and Sunday) will be determined by your housing situation.

HOUSINGOur approach to SRT housing is for UVA Chi Alpha students to host our out-of-town guests. Once we solidify those arrangements, the UVA Chi Alpha student hosting a guest will contact the person the week of the SRT to inform them where they are staying, what to bring (i.e., pillow, blanket, etc.), and where they can park near their dorm or apartment. Stay tuned.

REGISTRATION: Registration is a 3 step process. Please follow the below steps to register for Northeast SRT 2024.

 1. Complete the NESRT 2024 Registration Form.

 2. Pay the $88 registration fee via PayPal through the link below.

 3. ​Email a copy of your PayPal receipt to Mike Olejarz at


Note: The deadline to register is midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. No registrations will be accepted after the deadline, because of the 12 hours of pre-work required to be completed before the April 5-6 SRT weekend. (see below: Note after the Pre-Seminar Work info)


TRAVEL: Charlottesville is accessible by Greyhound Bus, Amtrak train, and airline service. Please plan to arrive at the University Baptist Church by 12:30 pm on Friday, April 5 to check in. Lunch will be on your own. If you are traveling to the SRT by bus, train, or plane (and you want to be picked up), email your arrival and departure times, along with carrier and appropriate numbers to Mike Olejarz at Example: I will arrive on April 5 at 11:00am on Amtrak #12 from Pittsburgh; depart on Sunday, April 7, on Amtrak #760 at 8:00am.

PARKING for the SRT: Parking is available for a daily fee at garages on or near campus and near University Baptist Church. There will be NO parking at University Baptist Church for SRT participants. As stated in the Housing section above, we hope to provide free parking near where you will be staying.

PRE–SEMINAR WORK: You should plan on 12 hours to complete the pre-seminar work before attending the SRT. Click here to access the first set of assignments on Dropbox (2 hours of work). Once Mike Olejarz receives your registration form and payment, he will send you the class code needed to sign up for the Northeast SRT class at You will be asked to to pay a $20 tech fee (this is in addition to your $88 SRT registration fee) in order to access the additional VSR pre-work assignments (10 hours of work)


Note: The SRT weekend is built on each participant completing the pre-work in order to participate in the show-and-tell exercises. You need to have all VSR pre-work completed by 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, March 31, 2024, so that the SRT faculty can verify you are prepared for the weekend.​ Failure to do so will mean you will be asked NOT to attend.

BONUS HELPS: Download and utilize this support raising brochure and video.  

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