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The Power of Potential

“The university is the clear-cut fulcrum with which to move the world. More potently than by any other means, change the university and you will change the world.”
Dr. Charles Malik, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Are they worth it?

College students are the future leaders of tomorrow and will influence every field of study, profession, and level of society;

College students are looking for answers and are willing to consider the claims of Jesus Christ;

College students can make meaningful commitments and practice the Christian faith;

College students influence campuses, business, governments, and history. Remember Vietnam, Tiananmen Square, Eastern Europe? college students were at the front of those revolutions;

College students are mobile, young, energetic, and more able to invest their lives for the cause of Christ;

College students are the greatest source of laborers for impacting a campus, nation or continent with the message of Jesus;

College students in greater numbers are from foreign countries. Most of them will go home to influence their country with what they have learned in the U.S.

So why spend time and effort reaching them?

Basic Facts:

There are close to 17 million college students in the United States. International students and scholars from almost 200 nations study here.

If you are serious about reaching the world for Christ, why not focus your energy, effort, money, and personnel on influencing the most significant institution in the world (i.e., the university campus), and the students who will soon influence business, education, government, science, technology, and the arts?

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