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History of Support Raising Training

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries has been training and assisting its staff and students to raise prayer and financial partners for ministry and mission since the early 1990’s. Not only do we provide entry-level training for people considering campus ministry service at the staff level, but we also offer training for students and alumni to learn how to mobilize partners for a variety of mission opportunities.

Chi Alpha has Support Raising Training (SRT) Seminars (and trainers) across the nation to help missionaries shore up their support, Campus Missionaries In Training (CMIT’s - potential new staff) to raise their budget after Reach the U (part of the new staff training arc in June) and before their residential CMIT experience starts in the fall, Campus Missionary Associates and Give a Year participants to also raise their budget, and for students and staff going on spring break, summer, or longer mission assignments.

Chi Alpha is also happy to invite any missionary from Assemblies of God U.S. Missions (AGUSM) and Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), and staff from other mission agencies to attend. 

Contact Mike Olejarz, the Northeast Support Raising Trainer with any questions you have: 617-750-6334,

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