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A Prayer for Internationals (or for us?)

How to be a Foreign Missionary Without Leaving Home

Lord Jesus, you have told us to take your gospel to all people of all lands.

But we find this too hard!

We are required to leave family, friends and familiar culture and go to a strange land to tell your message in a foreign language to an alien people. Most of them already have a religion of their own which is interwoven into their whole culture and lifestyle. Besides, we Americans are not welcome in most of the world, and are forbidden to teach your message in (or even go to) some lands. And the cost! If we really tried to reach the world in this generation, it would bankrupt us all.

So we propose an alternative plan: You send those who don’t know You to us! Have them come at their own expense and learn English before they come. Make them hungry for our friendship, anxious to come into our homes, and willing to go to church with us.

Send the young, teachable ones. Send those who are bright and vigorous, who will someday be leaders in their own countries. Arrange for them to stay for several years so we can win a hearing for the gospel and have time to teach them well after they become Christian believers.

Especially send them from places where missionaries are forbidden to go, including China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

How many Lord?

Oh, about 700,000 perhaps, well spread around the country so that lots of churches and individual Christians on college campuses can take part.

Now if You will do this Lord Jesus, then we will make the evangelization of these people one of our highest priorities. We will get to know them, win a hearing for your message through extending friendship, and figure out how to explain your gospel to them clearly. We will work and pray.

It may sound like a lot to ask, but you can do it Lord, can’t You?

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