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The University Can Be Stressful – How Can Chi Alpha Help?

Personal: You will grow intellectually, physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will hopefully keep off the freshman 15 (pounds that is), as you learn how to adjust to life as a college student. You grades may even improve, although depends on the study habits you develop (and we’ll help you).

Small Groups: You will experience caring friendships, a place to study and discuss the Bible, and a chance to be challenged in your spiritual journey. Students meet weekly on campus to practice living a Biblical lifestyle, give and receive encouragement and nurture, and be equipped for healthy relationships.

Academic Encouragement: Our staff and faculty advisors are mature, responsible Christians who mentor students and encourage them to develop their intellectual gifts.

Biblical Teaching: Small Group Bible studies, biblical teaching at large group meetings and retreats, and a variety of resources provide a sound basis for dealing with spiritual, moral, and personal issues. Our staff assist students in learning how to read, study, and obey the teachings of Jesus for themselves.

Campus Chapters: Students throughout history have changed their campuses (and the world) because they saw things differently. They had a vision that the world could be a better place and that they could do something about it. Join with other students on campus to get to know Jesus better (another great dreamer), and make Him known to others.

Ethnic and Racial Diversity: Our student groups reflect ethnic minorities. We work to achieve biblical reconciliation and justice in the context of the campus’ rich diversity. We recognize that everyone is made in God’s image and deserves to be treated well.

International Students: Many international students find it easier to adjust to life in the United States easier if they have an American friend. Friendship with someone in Chi Alpha could involve help with your English, having a friend to call upon, and learning about American customs and holidays.

Justice: We are characterized by a commitment to care for the poor and deal with social issues troubling our world. God puts us in situations that give us opportunities to seek God’s kingdom agenda of peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Annual Retreats: Students from campuses throughout the Northeast gather at the local, state, or even multi-state level to worship, pray, meet new students, discuss the relevance of the Bible for life today, and experience the power of Jesus. Come meet the Creator of life, mass, energy, art, music, and poetry…who won’t judge you by your GPA (and the rest of us aren’t bad either!).

Leadership Training: You will become a person of influence as their vision, character and skills are honed with a Kingdom perspective. Students gain experience in leadership by planning and directing the group’s activities on campus. Leadership training is offered on campus, at weekend retreats, conferences, and during service and mission projects.

Ministry Opportunities: Each campus group develops its own means to engage the university with the Gospel. Students learn to share their faith in an intellectually challenging environment. They will get some practice serving others, initiating leadership, and by putting their faith into action…on campus, in the city, and around the world.

Service and Mission: We desire for every student to have a cross-cultural experience while in college. That could start as they befriend an international student. They could volunteer as a tutor at a local school. Use their spring break to serve the homeless or lead an outreach to another college. They could also participate in an overseas missions project at the end of the school year. Our motto is: Every student prays, gives, and goes.

A Supportive Community: The university is a training ground for students to learn to interact as adults with other young adults growing toward independence. Our campus meetings, friendships and training opportunities encourage students to reflect on and mature in their beliefs. The few short years a student is on campus is a brief window of opportunity for Chi Alpha staff to do all we can to encourage the growth of each student toward godly character, competence, and consistency. We join with parents to help their sons and daughters listen to the right voices and to make wise choices.

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